John Goodwin

Mt. Pleasant, MI

Ninety Plus Years

For all of us that are ninety plus
Can tell a story in total trust.
So much has happened in our life time
Some was harsh and some was kind.
Our lives have been full and well rewarded
And in most cases improperly recorded.
So what we've noticed so much of late
As getting along with or without a mate.

We have observed many changes in the last 90 years
The effect of two wars have caused many tears
Other changes occurred were the Wright Brother's flight
And Thomas Edison's invention of the electric light.
the combustion engine invention is by far
Responsible for millions to have a motor car.
Other change I'll mention and then I'll stop
As T.V. sets, computer, and an electric pot.

Because we're so old I'll say form the start
We learned from experience, so of course we're smart.
Because of this knowledge we should be respected
But there are times we seem rejected.
Young people look to the future because their past is nil,
Elders don't have a future because they're over the hill.
Now we are ninety plus and each day we're older
As we get wiser and smarter the climate gets colder.

We have been lucky to have good health
So we have accumulated a little more wealth.
with a bundle of cash we're part of a plan
To be the object of a financial scam.
You listen politely so it won't show
Then you surprise the crooks with a resounding no.
Now we have lived a long life and as hard as we strive
We'll never get out of this life, alive.
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