Joe Curry

Oct 27, 2004- ATL
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“it’s okay” they said
“we all have our own path of growth deeply individualized by our past”
“to denounce who you were and to agree with your self hatred means i strayed away from my path, backpedaling”
“you were who you were and you are who you are, just as she is and they are”
“the ones who care too much for your journey and tread along beside obsessed with you lose focus of where they are going surely to trip on the way, taking a detour on a crossroad of unfated destiny, but that is now their path, again greatly impacted by where they were and where they thought they were going”
“a long winded way to say to each his own”
they told me this unsbject of selfishness or deviance
“i love you and we will go our separate ways, alleys, avenues, and one day i hope to meet you at the end of a corridor. you, ready with stories to pour out of your heart, i will sit there patiently astounded by who you’ve become beaming at the grace that our paths crossed”
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