Joanne Lee Macdermott

December 1st 1977- Sydney
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See Through You

Why do you feed your illusion that darkness that speaks? Why do you give in so easily, is it that you fear peace?

I see through you...I once was hide in your dark smoky cloud locked in your thoughts. Give in to easily to the bad wolf that lurks.

I try to reach you but your wall is to high, it's not that I fear the height nor fear the climb. I just know that I can't heal you. It's just not your time.

Healing is a journey and one must commit, it takes courage to face yourself, to meditate and sit.

But hear in lies the issue, that you hold on to so tight, you would rather stay in the dark and run from the light.
You live in the past and wonder why it consumes you, replaying old habits that console you.

But why can't you see that you're the creator? Your life an expression of how you have played her.

Feed the bad wolf if that brings you peace, give into it's desire it's every need. For maybe then when so low you fall, you will finally be pushed to no longer crawl.
Maybe one day you will break through your walls, unmask yourself and stand so tall.

But until that day you remain stuck, trapped in your own murky muck. The mud is black and sticky it's darkened your soul, the path to awareness is your true threshold.

Just look inside you will see, it's all an illusion it's just a dream. Your reality is what you believe, that's why you struggle daily to live.

Emotion and feeling brings forth creation, maybe soon you will see you are your own salvation.
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