Jo Vinsand

Sebring, FL, USA

Holding Hands

It was on an April evening, when as blind-dates we first met,
He gently took my hand in his, that moment I'll never forget,
In December, as husband and wife, down the aisle we walked, hand in hand,
Lovingly looking at each other, proudly showing that gold wedding band,
Yes, we've had our share of joy and sorrow, as we have walked along life's way,
Our love we shared together, by holding hands, each day,
Fifty-four years later, God has tenderly removed my love's hand from mine,
With out-stretched arms, he'll wait for me, when it becomes my time,
Together, holding hands, we will stroll down that golden road, Because you see...
We will be walking once more together, hand in hand, into Eternity!!!
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