Jesher Samayla

July 16, 1993
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Ang Pagtatapos

I dreamt of you
We were together
We were happy
We were sharing moments
With gladness

It's my heart want to say
I love you
I missed you
I want to hug you
It's you

When she suddenly appeared,
Everything's changed.
I was left hanging,
I was left all alone,
It's gone when you said it's enough.

I heard you while reading,
In front of her, saying
"My wife in my wedding"
You both were smiling.

Secretly crying in a corner,
While those laugh I heard,
There's my heart aching
With pain

Kung kailan pwede ko nang
Ibigay ang puso ko Ng buong buo
Tsaka naman tila ito na ang Pagtatapos.
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