Jerusalmi Streete

Queens Village, New York, USA


When night falls,
and I have nothing to eat.
How can a boy like me...
stand on my feet? Mom worked hard
to make ends meet,
but sometimes in the ghetto...
I can't even sleep. My typical lifestyle
is like the movies of horror,
in which the audience
is filled with sorrow.
These are the scenes
that await me tomorrow. Evening comes, but then it goes.
How do I survive?
Only God, He knows! Oftentimes it seems like no one cares,
and the fussing, and the fighting,
continues through the years. The homeless are being pushed
from street to street.
Some of them are seeking a shelter
where they can sleep. I find it hard at times,
living in this land.
So I pray to the Savior
to give me a helping hand,
and I'm hoping for the day
that we all can live as one.
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