Jennifer Kenneally

I’m 16
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as she bled in silence

I used to believe I was the only one
bleeding in silence
while everyone else’s wounds were healed
until I truly saw her.

I noticed when she smiled,
her eyes were elsewhere,
I noticed when looking at them closely
you could see the storm
threatening just beyond the surface
I noticed underneath, lay the dark circles
like fresh bruises upon her skin.

I notice when she gets lost and tangled
inside her own head
she stills,fulfilling an empty gaze.
watching her,I wondered where she escaped to
or if she were perhaps being captured
by misleading fantasies
consuming her mind with its deceit.

as I patiently wait
until she finds her way back
I notice her chin resting on her palm
the sleeve betraying her
as it reveals a series of scars
scattered along her wrist.

how did no one else seem to notice?
how could they not see
she was bleeding.
her veil of tranquility
may have reassured the rest,
but seeing glimpses
of what lay past the deception,
I could practically feel her
screaming in the darkness
as she bled in silence.
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