Jeanne Louise Morgan

St. Louis, MO, USA

Angels Wearing Cowboy Hats

No one swings on the garden gate at my house any more;
No angels wearing cowboy hats are running through my door --
The happy sounds of hide and seek don't drift in from outside,
There's no more visits to the park, no Easter eggs to hide.
The garden gate swings empty now, so many years have flown,
The years went by as swiftly as the autumn leaves are blown.
Those angels wearing cowboy hats have all grown to be men
Their shouts of joy and laughter will not echo here again.
And no one waits for Santa Claus at my house any more
Those angels wearing cowboy hats aren't playing on my floor.
I wish that I could turn back time to the way it used to be,
When those angels wearing cowboy hats meant everything to me.
Those yesterday's, when every day was the fourth of July
Noisy little boys and fire works were lighting up my sky
There's no more calls for cookies just outside the kitchen door
No angels wearing cowboy hats live at my house any more...
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