Jayesh Jain

July 1, 1999 - India

7 sins: A short note

As every day it was a very fine one,
routines were being followed by everyone.
What more choice do we have here in HELL?
It was all happiness in despair.

And this one fine morning, this very one,
on the round conference sat all the important one,
SEVEN seats were there to be filled,
FIVE was the head count TWO more to be filled.

"Finally after all this time!"said Gula with calmness,
The 4th sin could finally feast after the conference,

"Oh! It'll be one magnificent one, one which will be written in history",
after all it was total of 13 minutes that gluttony was fasting."
"I need to make some room for the feast, Oh! my my I am hungry,"
after all it was the 13th minute the longest gluttony fasted,
couldn't control the butterflies for the feast to come,
the sin called a sinner for the menu of the feast.

"Oh my! oh my! oh my my my! sin the devil, what a feast",
saying the sin ate sinner's soul, as it could feel the hunger growing,
after all the menu said, "the greed will grow, temperance virtue looses....."
"Gula the only vice to rule darkness forever!", claimed,
the 4th sin, who now felt malnourished, needed greed to fill up with,
after all it has be 17 minutes and the meeting was not near to begin.

"Sin the devil! oh my oh my, Gula now feels hungry", said the sin beating the table.
"Bring me my feast, my share, everyone listen,"

"Glutton will take over soon, its time for temperance to surrender,
so all my vices listen my will, I will proceed with my greed-feast now,
you all can bow down later". said the 4th getting up,
the greedy-mortals for the feast were immensible....

"Why is it so we believe in fairy tale,
is it for love of the prince,
for his princess, or so is it
cause that they tell us even dragons can be slain"

"What so ever who so ever, who told you to leave,
my dear 4th find your seat", the voice was hushed,
the 2nd sin of pride, Hubris it were.

And here the silence was heard, it was as loud as a clear sun,
nobody dare spoke a word, sinners even thought to run,
after all, the self proclaimed god which the centuries haven't seen
spoke finally during this convene.

"You are foolish, so foolish to think,
other than the devil, who can sin.
Foolish are those who think to beat dragon
all just disgusting aspen,
a single breath and left is nothing but ash",

It was as rare as devil to appear, the 2nd sin thought,
for it to speak to these lowly sins.

It was the origin, the deadliest of all
yet within its presence someone dared ignore.
"Sit yourself down this instant,
or face my pride" and better knew everyone,
not to say word, or if not then
hell will be at cessation.

Pride may be there, but it were loyal,

first to born among sins, as said
spoke the words of devil, as said
It were a legend unbeknownst,
part of every mortal, the sinners and sins
and even the devil itself, as said.

All left are silent roars,
nobody could speak,
as she openly deplore.

"What a power it has grown to,
Lucifer may even exile", she foresaw.

It was all agglutinate, soon it be culminate.

Her name was used to describe the worst
yet she knew what all she conserved,
Luxuira, oh! Luxuria, the only one
with beauty as such, she is admonition.

"Have the sins grown so big, or I old" breaking roars,
she looked up, the air got caught in her hook up,
sinners were bleeding ears, hearing her voice,
after all she was one of the two, who stood same as Pride.

"Feel regret all I can, O devil am Luxuria, isn't I a sin",
"Foolish all, have my extol, hustle too much, I devour soul,
let all come, else i cajole."

Air got light by last of her words,
all knew what the big sister sin hone.
It was enough for her eyes to end wars and begin demise,
bring rejoice and jeopardize.

The hell was happy if she were so, it cried mortals
if she wanted so,
even devil had to bow down once, Lucifer, just a child to hers.

She, the one who threatened the core,
never concluded, neither destroyed,
but everyone was her Fauntleroy.

Holding that power, the wisest of them all
the 3rd sin of lust, Luxuria, ended her toll.

Tension was visibly vanishing,
6th sin of greed, Avaritia, found himself brandishing.

He was new, the newest of the sin, inhibitng
the devil's lair,
under the new sin, were materials of despair.

Embellishing, he caught hold, had gifted the sins from his abode,
the mortal materials of demise he adored.

His sister, the one who welcomed him first, now he wanted her,
in his aggregation, such a despair with admonishing beauty to withhold,
would empower his rule on console, for it is him who entitled it all
all of hell, all of heaven, all and all and all of mortal hell.

His sinners were showcased puppets, his collection was far from accomplished,
yet he couldn't grasp the thrill he felt, to take over lust and pride,
then all over hell.

"O would the devil be at displeasure,
for I can't wait much longer.
Sister sin, brothers listen, why this all
hasn't begun?" with such a innocence he questioned
the greed in his voice was as dark as devil once mentioned.

He is really the one to matter, he wants it all
no one should falter, Avaritia, around whom the world revolves
couldn't control his excitement now,
"So today we are here......." he begun,
the 6th sin really couldn't control his plead,
after all he was Avaritia,
the one and only one, sin of greed of hell.

It was a sore in thy eyes.
Invidia, 5th sin of envy, gruesomely sights,
the standards have fallen quite a bit.

"They" saw recent kid of greed grew so high,
he promised some neverlands
which none could deny,
Yeah! "their" envy couldn't just watch!!

Foolish gluttony sin was just sitting through,
after the great pride made its word through,
even the mother lust raised her maze, it is all over the place,
why why why!!!! was "they" not like them?

Invidia filled "themselves" with what "they" knew best,
words came out, the air became posionous than hell,
by every single word of her uttered.

"You all have those what we ought to have!!!
Its no sane to have such power, WE!!! WE!!!
are to be titled", and everyone could sense the direness,
as the quietest of sins, Invidia, spoke.

She is known not as one but someone with many one,
one to be cursed by devil himself,
to hold the emotions of everyone,
even the devil himself,

but she was weak, as there was no control
to the devastating power she withhold
famously known as "some", not one,
to bring down the better-off mortals even at their own run.

But now it was too much for the pride to see,
the black flames of hell were ready to be released,
it was if the time stood still,
lust could sense and so did every sin,
sinners were just screaming to get spared,
but it was now too much,
and Lo! it went.

In a moment, the one secondth of the a second,
Hubris flew and breathed out,

The black flames of hell, which came out,
target was Invidia it was true,

so Gula just expanded every inch to the max,
Avaritia took a big jump to face hell,
Invidia did nothing as a cowardice,
But she could smell the lust of Luxuria standing by.

In front of "them" what just happened
why were sins protecting one.

These black flames were know to burn,
won't vanish until the target was begone.
Hubris knew the better part of it,
everyone of the sin, too, was beckoning,
It was just like the war of the sins,
where their ranks, were settled in.

Yet in this convene,
with dimwit sinner there were the five,
but missing were two,
Luxuria held hope for them to appear too.

For Hubris was the second to none,
to fight him was fear even among heavens,
the little Invidia was still unknown,
to what the title of sin in the hell withhold.

Gula was sure, Hubris, not meant to stop,
those never vanishing flames it threw,
black flame of devil, Gula knew.

He had sinned to devil he knew,
for the price he payed was protecting Invidia through,
for whatever may come, he serves the devil,
this time Gula remembered all his feasts through.

Up, up.
Up a bit more,
I could kick Hubris I know,
I will take over every sin, they will serve me in hell and
Heavens too will bow down now.

I'm Avaritia, the one who took down the second.
As he reached it the pressured increased
the air was burning him, he could finally feel.

"So this is Amateratsu, oh so cold
Ha! is it the flame that devil holds??!!!
So pitty I am going to show, how to blow it up
just wait, I'll show", saying he used the satan's power
"Withhold, Greed is coming through"....

"Oh! Hubris, what have you done,"
thought the second sin itself now,
He could see sin of lust Luxuria, covering the envy sin Invidia.
The gluttony sin in the mammoth size,
and the sin of greed, who just fell blacked out,
"Ok, maybe this time it was too much,
but only few could handle the black flame, here were none"

Every motion in the world was at cessation,
it seemed or were it really so,
so slow it moved, but one could process,
and still couldn't reason through.

The sins of sinners was dimmed,
as were their screams,
Hubirs wings were not moving,
and hanged in middle of the air,
like Avartia, the 6th sin.

Luxuria noticed what the cessation of commotion was
After all this time, they are here, she thought.

With Acedia on his back, Ira stood in thy air.
Hell was at rest.
The prince and the judge of the hell were there.
It was not more than a miracle at best.
Sin of anger with Sin of Sloth carried on the back.

Opened the mouth, the devour of sins.
Ira, the sin of anger, feasted off of the kins,
of the flame that were left on the loose,
the Amateratsu was not enough to quench his fill.

All were friends, till Ira arrived,
slaughtering begins where Ira thrives,
but he is the prince, next to devil,
hence there was nothing to quivel.

Ira looked as if a kid, had oceans of power,
sometimes out shining the devil,
somehting that suits only the one, next in the line.

No mind matched, nobody pays mind,
yet sinners looses to this sin every time.
Even a master of soul, ruler of heavens
was something beware of Ira's style.

To live in darkest part of darkest hell,
to hone the mind with powers of all the sins,
he was one to form his own curse,
hence he is someone who is called the next devil.

No one dared blinked a eye,
well how would they
Acedia was just behind.

No words are true, all are lie,
everything on Aceida, is prejudice.

His words are laws, they are destiny,
hell was hell cause he just was just lazy,
no one is there who could stop, Acedia
the seventh sin,
as this is born with you,
and would live on generations through.

No one is exception to his cursed laws,
just he didn't care, hence there was no law.
Convene like this was on last of his list,
the list which yet awaits the first item yet.

Had the devil wasn't the one who called, he afterall all this time,
would finally pass a law, to just let him be, no disturbance at all,
or so he thought,
till he was found thinking by Ira and was dragged on.

Just by the invite of convene he knew, he took his time of 7 days,
to prepare the spell he now used.
To stop all the sins, sinners and hell
on there track, was not a joke.

One second late and war it was, he foresaw,
maybe his thoughts were wrong after all, he thought,
It is a drag....a big one today, thinking he cursed the place
to bring it where it should have been.

The screams resumed, everyone was brought back to senses.
Everyone found themselves safe,
at the point when the convene was supposed to begun,
but just this time everyone knew what just happened.

Ira landed on the ground,
he could find the situation very profound.

As he put Acedia into his chair, within a blink,
he was their, sitting on the chair meant for the heir of the hell.

"Well what a lovely meet it is, devil himself will join convene"
"the treasure of devil, the silent weapon,
envy......Invidia, my dear weapon in disguise",

The master plan to take over heaven,
has a face and rank of sin.
Envy was the one to divide,
the mortals, the believers and even the heavens.

And to harm her meant going against the devil,
same to committing a sin before the one who created,
knows all not to even see him straight in the eye,
the guardian king of hell, Gurate, the sacred name,
which the book of CodexGigas inscribed.

Even thinking his name brought shivers.
Sins, sinners, hell was one under the master.

It was the first law ever imposed,
Acedia was one who said it first of all,
Ira thrived on whatever was to offer.
With Luxria and Hubirs as the ideal figures,
Ividia and Avartia were new to all,
few thousand years, Gula took care of them,
as on contract with the devil.

These are the 7 sins who rule,
the reality of earth, hell, and heavens too.

No one was spared, not god nor devil,
virtues or sins? It was never a question.

Only one's will were the threat,
but existence of sins, can't be eradicated,
though how much saint you be or devil,
sins will win if you just let them,
or they will conquer all, if you just control them.

It is a short note on them,
the truth of the world,
the SEVEN deadly sins of hell.
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