Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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The Tequila of Wild Desires

I observed her fluttering eyelashes adorning the voluptuous yet innocent moonlit femininity
I paused for a moment to take in all her beauty, her sweet curves that aroused and attracted - reveling in her mounds of pleasure and sensual femininity
Her room was white with pink and red roses on the walls - I slowly pinned her against the wall and kissed her neck – that tasted like tequila sunrise
I licked a trail down from her neck to her navel, licking every waft of her feminine fragrance from her libidinous oxters - with every inch I could feel her tremble.
She started to buck wildly as I did figure of sixty-nine with my tongue - licking and suckling her tender ears
Hungry lips secure their place on hers as hands, lightly cupped her nervous breasts, a sigh escape - was it hers or mine?
For minutes I continued to tease and seduce her, until she looked deep into my eyes and started to beg
Without expectation, she went down on her knees in prayerful position worshiping – playing the flute like a maestro as I played with the silken hair of the goddess
Devouring my Irish cream - breathless - she arched towards the palm of my hand and fingertips push between the softest of her silk
She is boiling her pot of groans and lies down to spread her thighs - then my tongue tormented her special button - when she easily striped away any inhibitions
I listened to her moan song of invitation, slowly moving my lips and fingers to guide myself towards that waiting volcano - with my mouth sucking and enticing her supple peaks and begging abdomen
Hands gripped my hair, pushing herself hungrily against my face - moans escaping her as I sank in
Feasting heavenly, intoxicated by her scent and mine - tongue tickling and curving behind her petals, pulling me toward her
Cupping her desires, eagerly as fingers slide in and out, stirring the coals of desire
Impatience of her sweet cave, the hard stalk riddled with joy to be confined in her limited space
Hips soon met in such intense pounding - she immediately reacted by tightly wrapping her legs and arms around my body with a chorus of mind-blowing gasps
Now we were lost in that whirlwind of strokes - totally transfixed by the panting melody, faster and faster driven to climb the mountain until at the summit we erupted with sweet songs of screams.
How beautiful was that moment after that gusher flows from her well, as the volcano erupted at the same moment
Beads of sweat, we let blend together in the afterglow of our dance on the sheets,
soon we lie as one body utterly entwined
Until she whispered - Adam me again - as torn clothing lay on the floor
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