Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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The Symphony of Aphrodite

I awoke to the fragrant smell of fresh roses. My nose twitched from the incredible aroma and when I slowly lifted my rested eyelids, a garden of Eden flooded my vision and I dreamily sat up in the satin bed, now padded with the vibrant hues of petals- all the shades of yellow, red, orange, pink and blue. I heard music in my head when I look at her - like a soundtrack of forbidden desires
On whispered breeze I hear her plea to feed upon her form I wish to feast and dine
I stand before her as I undress her - my lips tease the buttons of her blouse
Our eyes touch before our hands caress - our lips now part from sight that does arouse
I walk to her with swaying steps so bold - her hair unleashed, they tumble round my face
Down on my knees, my tongue seeks her navel and fingers reach above the curves to trace
My hands go around her neck and pull her in - I taste the lobe of ear and gently blow
the words of want and need desire to win and whisper pleasured treats she soon will know
I feel her tremble beneath my roving hands - her breath comes quick and knowing I lean in to tie her hands to chair with silken bands as I take command of mouth and trace your chin
I tip her head and then devour her neck - leaving marks of ownership just where I please
Mt rage against the chords as my lips trek the journey down below to taste and tease
She calls my name in throes of ecstasy - I feel her panting breath against my hair
Before the end of this our passion race - I ride the waves of your euphoric greed
She moves to rhythm that I set to pace until sweet time when pent up love is freed
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