Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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I stood there mesmerized, she seemed to be playing the game of statues with me .. devilish intentions unknown ..
My desires racing like a snuff of cocaine ...
I envied her kaajal that gets to feel her intelligence through her eyes
I was jealous of her lip-color that gets to kiss her lips first
Just felt like cutting off the tuft of her hair that caressed the nape of her sensous neck
I was jealous of her ear-ring that so passionately lick her soft ears
I envied her top that get to caress her mounds of pleasure
I felt like murdering her sleeves that consume the fragrance of her oxters
Felt like tearing her waist-band that get to spank her bums so greedily
As I stood here learning the tricks to defy the laws of gravity ... as I discovered the 4 laws of emotion .. as the Newton was reborn
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