Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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Her Cruel Master

I've been observing her for days, perhaps even weeks, time consumed my vision
Her poisonous scent fills me with an undeniable hunger - a hunger for her, her fantasies, and the molten femininity that flows throughout her
Her beauty mesmerizes me to a point of implacable lust - a voracious feeling that is only released by thoughts of me kissing your feminine flames
She could feel me enveloped in her beauty; fantasizing me to become one thing - a predator of her wild desires - unable to resist your desires, I am compelled by our lust.
Today afternoon, sitting next to me, she felt satiated – I asked her - What's on your mind? She smiled with such sin; I wouldn't know where to begin – she whispered
Call me names and make me feel like a demimonde, grab me tight with your hands
The way I want it you may not understand - I demand you not be gentle with my femininity
Take what you want, but please be rough for God’s sake. I like having my hair pulled out by the roots - I like to be tortured, to be gagged blue
I like teeth to be used ruthlessly here and hither - control me, bite me hard, brutalize me, I know you want to ….
Suffocate me, lash me, burn me, make love to me - just take your time - it's so divine
And she grew louder – I want to experience the dog in you - bite my neck and smack my bums - tie me up, throw me down, make me scream and watch me howl
Her eyes were so loud – I have been treated like a queen, treat me like a porn princess between the silken sheets – just do it my untamed dog and our poetry began …..
I grab her blouse as it begins to rip, not caring if it tears -then grabbing at her skirt, shy to rip it, but I guess nobody cares – the beginning of raunchy sex – ravishing her like an animal
She desired a whole lot more of my mouth in the south - no, no left, now a little to the right, now go up, down, up, down, oh she then switched the roles. And my pleasant noises were making her wilder than ever – waxing my fantasy to lick and kiss everything from her ankles to the small of her back – wanting to arouse sensations that come from somewhere other than her womanhood
After spending precious moments on her inner thighs, I tasted every inch of her depth, sending chills up and down her desires
As my poetry resonated with her mystical music, all that I could hear were two words from her - Yes, Sir, oh, yes …. Sir, yes, oh-yes, Sir.
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