Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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Forbidden Afternoon Confessions

She draped herself in the six yards of wild black with a pinch of maroon, my longings trembled as the passionate yellow touched her ivory shoulders
She carries the nectar in her smiles as her forehead's red bindi splashes colour in my mind
She dresses herself with wild orchids and perfumes me with her fragrant oxters
She swirls left and right to see her reflection in my eyes while my convex desires stroll through her perfection
Her mounds of pleasure snug in place as kisses danced across her bare shoulders – she whispers the ballad of fantasies and awaits their convergence
Sandals with ankle straps accentuating the beautiful length of elegance
The imagination danced just above her saree’s hem, magnificently it outlines her derriere, mischievously
Her dark eyes clouded with desire as my rough hands seek ways of pleasuring her needs
Our wants, eager tearing of her yellow flames revealing excited femininity as her quivering lips frizzed with a hint of unknown as my hands moved roughly
She stood against the wall observing my lustful eyes delicately devour her every curve, tracing fingers beneath the six yards
Eager teeth dug into her skin along her voluptuous neckline, the inscriptions revealing the starvation held within my open palms
My fingers toying across her smooth stomach to navel where my tongue traces slowly before ………
A frantic afternoon on a winter day, then ecstasy in her soft and wet desires ….
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