jastine elago

february 15, 1998 - Philippines

Broken Promise

There was once a boy who promise me pure affection
With love and happiness that become a poison
The smile that he gave now become a drop of a tear
A cry of endless that no one can hear.

There was once a girl who taught me how to love
But with scourging fate she flew like a dove
With all my heart i know she’s the one
But as time pass by she treated me as no one.

A boy i thought to be my destiny
Has now become my very worst enemy
With all the love that bind us
Is the one who torment and broke us.

The girl that i live for
Is now the woman why i die for?
The memories that we share
Is now like dust scattered everywhere.

The love that bring us together
Is the one who separate us forever?
The feelings that we share
Is now the feeling that we slur.

Maybe it is not our destiny
Cause this love just become a testimony
The promise that won’t last
It was meant to be broken even from the past.
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