James Adams

Petersborough, England, UK


Dunblane, the place where Thomas Hamilton
Walked into a school and went made with a gun
He fired off round indiscriminately
He fired at children as young as three.

Brave teachers with their backs erect.
Tried to shield the children from the threat
But still he fired one after another.
At teacher and child, at sister and brother.

When he had finished this terrible sin.
Then he turned the gun on him.
Sixteen children lie dead on the floor.
Such a terrible sight not seen before.

The country in mourning, hid it's face.
No reporters, non of the usual disgrace.
For the sake of the poor families, we stayed away.
Floral tributes poured in on that fateful day.

This government promised a full review
To ban all guns would be the right thing to do.
But when it came to it. The gun lobby won.
Will the next Dunblane be with at 2.2 hand gun.
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