Jagrut Gupta

21 sept 2005
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Today I cried a painful tear
for the world that’s falling apart.
The violence and the terrible ways,
I wish people would have heart.
The people of the world today,
It’s obvious they just don’t care.
The worlds too busy thinking of themselves,
They’re really not aware!
The images that I see,
Scrolling across my TV,
Make me wonder, they make me cry!
And I wonder, how many more of us...
Have to die?
Die for the money and the greed...
So many will die...
For a world they will never see...
But I still believe!
They can take everything from me!
My life, my love, my liberty!
But they can't take my faith!
My faith in humanity.... 
Somewhere...a child cries...
Somewhere...a mother dies...
Somewhere...a father is on his knees...
Somewhere...someone is praying...
No matter what they do to you,
Always remember, always be true,
To the faith inside of you!
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