Isobel Grenwood

March 2006 - England
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My talking thoughts

I can't take it anymore
Don't want to fake it anymore
The thoughts inside my head
That make me wish that I was dead
Though I am fed
Lay my head in bed
My thoughts they said
I wasn't good enough
And I can't prove them wrong
Which means they must be true
They told me I was selfish
For wanting
For needing
For feeding
My imagination
With ideas for the future
Of love and happiness
But that not allowed
That's what my thoughts told me

But my thoughts don't speak anymore
They don't say that life's a chore
That I'm a bore
They just don't speak a word
It's not better
It's not worse
A curse
More like
Before my thoughts spoke words
They kept me sane
But now my thoughts don't know why to say
So here I lay
An empty head
Filled with the thought of thoughts
Though my thoughts are no more than a fill
In an empty space
That should be filled
With my talking thoughts
That talk no more.
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