Isobel Grenwood

March 2006 - England
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Do you feel It too

Although I know my love is true
Is it the same for you
Do you lay awake
And wonder how many hours it will take
Until you can meet me in my dreams
And however long it seems
You watch the time fly
Or the seconds creep by
You can meet me by the docks
And we can watch the seagull flocks
Listen to their song
And wonder how long
This dream will last
Will it repeat the past
Or will you wake up
And fill your cup with tea
And hope that sometime soon
You can meet me in my room
We can laugh and joke around
And listen to the sound
Of waves on the shore
And smile some more
And there we will both be sat
But my only thought is that
Although I know my love is true
Tell me do you feel it too
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