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People rejected me for the way I was,
The urge to change myself rose
more than ever just because
there was nothing else I chose.

I desired to be part
of my ''foremost'' friends
And took it to heart
that it had to make sense,

Modifying myself to please
the ones, who used to slander
behind my back. This disease
stimulated swapping manner

Just when I almost took the knife
and was about to collapse,
you came wandering into my life
All of it was perhaps,

The Qadr of my Lord
When you grabbed my hand
and brought me on board.
You're the reason why I stand

Today with a firm heart,
since more than ever
has someone taught
me that friendship forever

Has much more meaning.
As you pulled me to dry
land, when I felt like drowning.
Preventing me from saying bye.

And gave me the shoulder to
cry on, even making me laugh
by suddenly shouting ''BOO''
and you taught me the other half

To respond with ''FRIGHT''.
So I still had someone
that amused me so that I might
prioritize once again, that fun.

Thank you for proving me that I worth more than what others think of me

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