Precious Whispers

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Precious Whispers

''It breaks my heart to
know that you aren't fine''
These whispers of you,
which I regarded as benign

Had pushed me through,
when I betook my soul
into drowning afar you,
deep in the ocean hole

Where the pages of my
Book, teared apart since
they hadn't been dry.
I had to convince

Myself about your utility
And understand to turn
a page only with stability,
was that your concern?

Your precious whispers,

As precious as I thought they
were, dragging me along
through what I couldn't convey
that made me strong.

Strong enough to realise,
That someday I would surely
approach those alluring eyes
of you, and tell you purely

about what I misunderstood.

That my mind neglected the residence
of your precious whispers, somewhere
deep in my heart.

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