Iman Sleem

November9, 1987

The Masked Faces

lies followed by poisonous smiles
hands reach like a blood sucking leech
they would journey with you a thousand miles
their true intention remains hidden meanwhile
their blades are always steady, to charge they’ll instantly be ready
they use them on their fitting time
they never regret their horrible crime!
how can I live in a such dark and shady place
it’s more than what I can handle or face
how can I tolerate all this?! tell me? please!
cuz the situation is considerably heinous
makes the whole body freeze!
I’ve tried so many times to put the pain at ease
but they keep on mouthing you with their venomous malicious speech
polluting the sweetest air and breeze
reaching up to your throat and squeeze
bringing you down on your knees
ruining your innocent dreams
destructing your confidence and beliefs
planting doubts and stealing away your sense of relief
a feeling is growing inside of you
a feeling you can’t shake
raising a question
are they all fake?!!!
are they all shrouding their faces with a mask!
I am surrounded with slithering snakes
am I in one of my dreadful nightmares?! I ask.
I only need to awake to end this ache!
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