Ian McCleary

1992 Morristown, NJ
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My Farewell to Self Publishing Online

I have nothing to write anymore on here. I have nothing to write or publish for anyone to read online. I wrote partly with the thought that maybe I could influence people's opinions and partly because it gave me a sense of power and importance doing it. I am not sure whether it was a form of catharsis I was relying upon or all that it did was harden me to my own viewpoint.
My opinions on many subjects probably will not change in the time to come, but I have reached the point in asking myself, why write them again? Why bring up the same material as before? Why don't I just let the news media do that, they don't seem to have an issue with sounding redundant.
Some of what I did get while writing on here were insights that were personal to me and may have had a need to come out. Whether for the public or just for my private edification, I don't really know who it was for, beyond me knowing that I had brought it somehow into being.
Part of personal growth is accepting that the person who we were before or the way we were doing things before may not work for us in the future ahead. That if we remain the same person with the same ideas and beliefs it can make our lives quite boring and dissatisfying even though we may not acknowledge that for being it's cause.
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