Hrisit Chowdhury

July 21, 2001- Durgapur, West Bengal, India
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Another day went by
And you didn't even say a Hii
Seems like you forget me
Got more to do than we
Miss you each n every minute
Wish you could spare me a second
Now it feels like you are not real but a dream, had been seeing so long.
You are about to finish like a never-ending song.
I wish I could make you realize what I wanted
So, you couldn't have taken me for granted
My emotions doesn't matter to you
So you keep me last in the queue
I had given clue for what I wanted from you
For sure, you always knew
Yet you kept me last in the queue
Never did I imagined life without you
But words from you came just few
Days went on followed by years too
It seems like your last bye had become GOODBYE through.
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