Hope Norton

May 22, 2006 - Germany
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A Tuesday Evening Show

There are heavy chains clinging to my body at all times.
They tape me onto a stage where i stand
to perform.
As one of them:
the background requisites.

I am solely somebody’s doll
that will wince, but only quietly,
when you pull out one of her hairs.
And I‘ll make sure to keep my porcelain face
without any furrow.

Observant glassy eyes
with lashes long enough
to make you think me a child.
to serve obedience.
For i haven‘t yet reached the consciousness
and you are under the misconseption
that every „yes“
i answer your commands with
expresses an invitation
to bondage me
to the walls of this
beautiful but
always the same puppet theater
even tighter
so that i can be here for
the tuesday evening show
and fill up the background
as a requisite.
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