Hannah Woerner

02/28- Marshalltown
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Those who came before know it is not a battle but a war that must be fought and won once again by those much younger than them

And those who love god rage because the one they praise is not Holy, but depraved
How could such devastation take place if this god of love really does rein

United we should stand against the evil hand of oppression
The halt that has been put on progression
The stifling darkness of depression

We’re caught in a war of draining night,
it does not discriminate by religion, sexuality, or sight.
It’s blind to the plight of those it destroys, leaving only ashes and unused toys.
If only you and I could be as blind
We could open a door to join together and win the war

But these petty beings we happen to be
Only look at the differences between you and me.
We ignore our unity in favor of exclusivity
We turn away from love and embrace false light all so we can sleep at night
But the world still turns as it rots away
People cry out but we cant hear what they say
If we all would just listen
Maybe just maybe
We all could be saved
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