H H Rutledge

Bothell, Washington, USA


Birth is a mess.. fashionable undress,
A spiritual miracle for the main.
But how can a hugging become such a mugging
The moment my domicile is drained?
I was squeezed, flushed, wrenched and thrust.
I was pinched and rolled about.
When the tongs clamped on, was I so wrong
To consider another way out?
They sprang me to hang me upside down,
And paddled my rear till I scream.
The cries and cheers challenged my fears.
To go right back in was my dream.
I felt the warm reach of mom's arms beneath,
I was Life.. a born-to-be a Winner.
But wait just a minute, the doc will begin it,
"Say hello to a little 'ol Sinner."
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