Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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The Life of Brainy-Grizzy

Life of an underground lyrical beast looking great
But one can imagine attempting to get the sure rate
To succeed, one's got to really hustle
And, yes, Life is pregnant with some kind of bustle!

Striving makes us great
But, How'd I get there, mate?
Nonstop hustle is, I trust, the sure key
But, first for God, I've got to be on my knee
If not both!

All of them mates call me Lyrical Brainy-Grizzy
Striving ad infinitum, emulating my star Stormzy
Chuckling and giggling at 'em bad energies for laughter is the medicine
If you've got that reaction, get some Penicillin.

I am my mother's child, I am Graham;
I am me, 'cause I am who I am.
Lyrical Brainy, folks know, is the pseudonym
Oh, and never forget what they say about the the antonym.

*How'd you see my poem?*
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