Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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The Bangable Lass (An Adult poem )

A long time ago I met a pretty lady
Gorgeous, sexy and indeed an epitome of beauty-
She’s so beautiful that any man in my shoes
Would die for her unhesitatingly.

Seeing her, I approached her shyly
For she was super sexy
And irresistible- she’s got some glossy lips
Which make me want to kiss
Her instantaneously
But of course I ain’t silly.

Like a gentleman I introduced myself
And she did same herself.
Whilst conversing I examined
And cross-examined
Her whole self specially the back;
Oh my God, she ain’t got any lack.

Minutes after chatting her up
We agreed to meet up
In the nearest future,
Albeit she said sexing is not in her nature.

We finally met in a hotel
Near Omega Motel;
Had a consensus
Before having coitus.

In the room, I made her give me a head
For I trust she’d be so good in bed;
Minutes later, I had a cum-shot
Like some water from the cooking pot.

Mega horny, we started banging
And banging, and banging;
And she made some sweet noise
Like ‘yes’, ‘yes’, ‘very nice’.

The sweetness of her pussy made me want do it all night
For she had the best pussy, so tight.
I made her scream like one whose house’s on fire
For even when she’d come, I refused to retire.

Bro, you can’t believe I still think about this girl
‘cause she’s the best-what a sweet girl!
Not that I loved her or something
But because she’s pretty good at banging.
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