Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Mama's Loved son

Many a time I sit in the sun thinking out loud,
Wondering now and then, lonely as the cloud.
At times, I feel, in all ways, fiendishly dead-ish,
Does caring about myself make me selfish?

I am the quintessential victim of circumstances,
Doomed intoto with relatable instances.
Mama departed to eternity when I was a child,
Now in adulthood, some say I've gone wild.

My heart is shattered; I've been stabbed in the back,
I am lifeless, for the breath of life I do lack.
Mama's crossing the bar has left in me a scar,
Ah, distance, mama, really does bear us far.

Oh Lord, did it really have to be best friend,
My mama? How can any man really mend
This shattered heart of mine? Am I too solo?
Now and then I hear mama's voice, you know?
Dead, alive, this I'll, ad infinitum, know.

Mama's words to me were as sweet as honey,
Golden words they were, pricier than money.
Who'd come by the pricey gold and jettison it?
Indeed, heeding mama's words've made me fit.

Don't say I'm Nebuchadnezzarly proud.
I beg you, please, don't make it loud.
Men of old said, 'No pain, no gain',
So mama's words have fallen on me like Rain.

I guess you're asking now, 'Who's this guy?'
'Why is he tad haughty, who really knows why?'
I am Graham Erekosima;I'm mama's loved son,
And I'm not haughty,my chief witness's the sun.
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