Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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I need

I need a woman, humble and virtuous;
A homebuilder, sedulous and righteous-
A woman who's going to be my backbone
Not one callous, with a heart of stone.
I need a woman, submissive as Sarah,
A woman not as harlotrious as Gomer.

I need a woman I can make my wife
The one and only love of my life;
A woman, ad infinitum, trustworthy,
One who's meek yet super sturdy.
I need a genuine lover, not a fighter,
A woman who's ready to change for the better.

I need a woman with a heart crystal and pure,
Not one of whose faithfulness you aren't sure.
I need a woman I can live with forever
Not one who, herself, shall put us asunder.
I need a woman who always acts bona fides
Not one whose every is done mala fides.
I need a life-giver, not a life-drainer,
A keeper, not a leaver.

I need a woman who'll befriend dignity,
A woman ceaselessly manacled by sanctity.
I need a woman I can proudly call my wife,
My backbone, the angel of my life.
I need a woman, wise and decent,
Not a woman with a cupboard full of skeletons.
I need a wife-material, not just anybody!
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