Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Dear God

Dear God,
I've always been faithful to you from kidulthood
And now I'm crying to you in my adulthood.
The world is heartless and super villainous,
That's why I call to you the only one generous
Enough to lessen my burden, reduce my pain.
If I don't come to you, what'll be my gain?

I'm down on my knees, Lord! Hear my cry,
My plights are plentiful, you alone know why!
Speak to me, Lord, for I am all ears, so ready,
Hearing from you alone has made me steady.
With your words O Lord, I am fiendishly abreast
For you alone are the one that can give me rest.

Dear God, in this world I am like a living
Corpse,living yet deadish, awake yet sleeping.
My life is a quintessence of lifelessness, Lord,
Many a good thing in it I can hardly afford.
Help me O Lord, for paucity has fettered me,
And let your will in my life alone be.

Dear God, on this day I seek your blessing,
I'm down on my knees hither praying.
Bless me, my loved ones and family abundantly
And enable us to worship you ceaselessly.
Let us continually be the light of the world,
And through us folks will appreciate your word.
I love you God, but I know you've always loved me.
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