January 4,1989 Kigoma, Tanzania
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My enemies,my brothers.

I will go nowhere
To look for my enemies
Nor shall i go there
My enemies are my brothers.

I shall blame nobody
Nor shall i blame somebody
who is from Abroad
For causing me terrible stomach
Because those sisters in christ are the devils in christ's gown.

I shall curse no one
Who is from far away
Because far away i have been
In search of those polluting my water,only to find none.
My enemies are my brothers.

My friend one day asked me
To give him my vote
That he wanted to go and fight for our right.
The right against two percent deduction
From our workers union,
And the right to demand for our annual increment
But when he stepped upper the ladder
He forgot my name.
My enemies are my brothers.

My sister came and beseached me
To vote for her
That she wanted to go in the parliament
To fight for women's rights.
Including her mother
But when she was appointed
To cut the cake
She forgot that She has a brother,a sister and a mother.

Ooh my friend
I wanted to ask you unite with me
But i fear
You are one of them.

I shall fight,not alone but
Will unite with my heart.
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