January 4,1989 Kigoma, Tanzania
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Biography of GODONI YOHANA

Born in 1989. Godoni Y Bayalimo was born at Karunga village which is found in Kasulu district of Kigoma region in Tanzania. He is a graduate from the University of Dar es salaam with Bachelor degree in Arts and education,and as a teacher he teaches English language and Literature in English. Currently,Godoni teaches at Ngunja secondary school in Tandahimba district,Mtwara. Apart from that,the poet schooled in the following institutions namely Tulieni primary school(Kasulu),Kasange sec school(Kasulu) and Kasulu sec school. About writing:The poet is a writer of poems which seek for transformation in the societies. He is committed to writing and reading poetry. His love for poetry is undeniable. Thanks and keep following him Via https://godonipoems.blogspot