gabriella Blake

April 29, 2002 -LA, CA
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The most dangerous thing you can do is show someone your heart, let them in. Show them around, let them get comfortable. The most dangerous thing you can do is get used to them being there. disappointment stems from expectation. My first mistake: Expecting you to be there when I needed you most. Through years of friendship you became my person. I expected you to be there for me, always. You disappeared so suddenly. I struggled with your absence. The second you were back, I pulled you in, closer than
ever. My second mistake.

In an emergency, what do you do when your first call doesn’t answer? You Call again. Who is on the other end of your first call? the person you need. The person you rely on. My first call? It’s always been you....Then I remember, that was a lifetime ago. I should have learned to live without you by now. Easier said then done. It took time to get used to you being there, it is taking longer to get used to your absence. It’s painful. Knowing your role in my life is over. If only I hadn’t shown you my heart.
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