Georgia Rose Mclane Colli

Jersey City, New Jersey

The Abominable Sin

I turn on my T.V. Lord what did I see
White teens beat a black boy I think it was three
Where God did they learn such a terrible abominable hate
They were taught by their parents to unlearn it's too late
The young black boy's in the hospital wondering why
He was beaten and stumped then left to die
All because of his color God gave him that skin
The bigots don't believe it that's why they beat him
I wonder what they will tell God when Death them do claim
I was taught by my parents let them take the blame
Can't you see God is not pleased with man's inhumanity to man
White and Black must in unity take a powerful stand
We can't let prejudice and hate ruin America land of the free
We must find love for each other and stand in unity
No more Whites against Blacks, No Black against White
We will all get along with love doing what's right
For God made us all and we must believe and ensure
That Freedom's for all and it will endure
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