G. Grant

County Derry, Ireland


Is it in Ogham set, that love did not spell
Bethluision or fearn, Bobelith?
In birch hazel oak, before the Vine, or Ancient
firelight bid?
A Druidical march of yesteryear, its human sacrifice
No! It is in the heart of Man! Heart of Stone?
Aonach Tailteann Olympiad run this Rune
heart. Quirinia set! Unwritten race, but Tombstone
Yet none build as Cheops! Some not permitted.

If these will remember back a little longer than 300 years ago
to 2000 years
A Man came, who proclaimed equality for all!
He never kill'd, or marched, paraded but on a colt!
Being humble He conquered death.
Why do you never remember this
Have no doubt who runs in freedom from this misbeggoton
It is Christ, His follower!
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