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Change of Scenery

Note: This one is sad for me... Anyways. Let me know if you like it. Thanks.

Why are you going?
His little voice said
I didn't know how to answer
The question I so dread

I don't know why I'm going
I don't want to leave
Told my little boy it was time
For a change of scenery

I held his flush cheeks in mine
As the family looked on
His daddy walked out to cry
And I told my baby a lie

I was quiet for a minute
Just looking in his eyes
His face looked so lost
After I told him goodbye

He didn't see tears
Just saw hugs from his mom
I held tight to my bravery
It all felt so wrong

My little boy stood
As I stood up to go
Wait, he said
I never gave you a hug

His soft little arms
Wrapped around me so tight
I can't remember that feeling
Without tears in my eyes

I thanked him so quietly
Told him I'd see him Wednesday
I turned round to see
"Bye bye" and a wave

I don't know why I'm going
I don't want to leave
I told him goodbye
I told my baby a lie
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