Francis Shipp

January 4th, 1993 - Boston, MA
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As she walks away
To a new life
A new, alien life that I won’t be a part of
Thunder fills the untamed decibels in the air
The atmosphere shifts
With each vibration
As sound permeates every centimeter of earth
You can feel it coming
The water, meant to rejuvenate life on this planet
It means to start anew
New species, new feeling, new meaning
So let go
Let the rain pour in

Take a breath, take a moment
Close your eyes
Think back on how beautiful the world is
How beautiful and appreciative of life we should be
What wonderful people populate the planet
Let the shit ones go
Forget about them
They don’t know you
Look onward, upward, beyond
Let the rain pour in

Sour days, hurtful words, moments of betrayal
Melt them away
In the warmth of the sun
Beaming on your tiny, insignificant face
Because at the end of your life
On the bed you’re meant to die on
That’s not what you’ll remember
You’ll let the rain pour in

It will be moments of unbridled joy
And terror
Those moments you find that only you truly knew what was happening
The moments you wonder if the other people in the room feel the same
That’s what life is about
That’s what you’ll remember
So take the moment now
While you have it
Close your eyes
Open your heart
Feel every minute detail
Keep it close, make it yours
And let the rain pour in
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