Filip Hammarström

January 31, 2000 - Sweden
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Climax in Night

Graceful and soft, touch of an angel
With skin like cotton, and sounds of heaven
Blankets curling, creasing, moans of pleasure
Divine is the moment, sensation is holy

Embodiment of amor, the two of us alone
I’m on my way, together we’re closing in
The night’s in climax, moon high in sky
Divine is the moment, sensation exploding

Pearls of sweat cover limbs, epitome of elegance
Paragons of love, a duet of tango
We’re dancing in eternity, zoning out in oblivion
Divine is the moment, sensation everywhere

Moon in waning crescent, our time is here
Tempo fading, rhythm vanishing
Exhaust and breathtaking, dissolving into emptiness
Divine was the moment, sensation was holy
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