Fales Lantare

Revolutionary, explorer, thinker

Lost in wonderland!

Sitting in the dungeon lost in thoughts
Thinking about what tomorrow brings
Sipping slowly the rum,
Reverberating thoughts of a loner,
Music bringing solace to the lost soul,
Dettered hopes and eagles vision!
Will tomorrow come?

What will it bring, bring me home?
Alas! Take me to my dream zone,
Where I dream like a young child,
My dreams crystal clear,
Holding everything and everyone dear,
Let me run faster like a deer,

shattered dreams, lost hope!
Lost vision and mission,
Waiting for the next mission in vain
It will come with a lot of pain,
The lone ranger hopes to make a gain,

The bells start ringing,
Not knowing what's bringing,
The clock start chiming again,

There is no pain without gain,
His dreams thrown into abyss,
He start dreaming again,
Oh! lost dreams!

What makes you not sleep?
He shouts out am dreaming,
I have a sensational burning,
I'm dreaming I can't sleep,

He is in wonderland,
In heavy thoughts again,
Dreaming a bright tomorrow,
Not bringing sorrow,
Good times without fear,

It's a dawn now,
He yawns as the morning star shines,
Waking with the tunes of the birds,
He smiles again it's a new day,
To yet start dreaming of bright days ahead!
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