Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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When Harry Came Home III

Summer was lush when Harry came home;
And birds sang among southern trees.
Here at last, and no more to roam,
So, we danced in bloom fragrancies!

When Harry came home, days were lazy;
And all sultry were the nights!
When Harry came, fields of daisies;
And butterflies on vivid flights!

When Harry came home, the blues were playin';
And bees were blossom to blossom.
When Harry came, gossipers were sayin',
And the plum sunsets were awesome.

When Harry came home, he whirled me 'round,
The while the whole world spun!
When Harry came, trees sang with sound,
As blooms nodded in their oblivion.

When Harry came home, days were longer;
And day and night, frogs croaked.
When Harry came, the season was younger,
And sweetest sensations were evoked.
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