Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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When Harry Came Home II

The stars, they were shinin' when Harry came home;
And the moon, it was big and bright.
He quietly promised no more to roam,
So, we danced in the firelight!

When Harry came home, the people were singin'
As he playfully tousled my hair.
When Harry came, the bells were ringin'
And bluebirds in the air!

When Harry came, sweet scents of summer
Lingered all around us.
When Harry came home, the banjo strummer,
Like the night, so melodious!

When Harry came home, he kissed my lips,
As the brook moved through the trees;
And stood there, hands on hips,
With eyes that seemed to tease.

When Harry came, my heart beat faster,
And gave a sudden thrill!
When Harry came home, moon of alabaster,
And faint laughter from Blackthorn Hill.
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