Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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When Harry Came Home

As birds do in the serenity and majesty of sunset skies,
Some lose their inherent passion to roam.
So, we danced amid candlelight and the fireflies;
We did so when Harry came home.

His European adventure at an end,
After searching, after seeking hither and yon,
World traveler with a homeward trend,
At ease with shiny wood, pastel chiffon.

When Harry came home, the bees were hummin'
And butterflies floated lazily by;
When Harry came, guitars were strummin'
In the sultry heat of hot July.

When Harry came, he gave a hoot,
And swept me off my feet!
When Harry came home, the orchard was in fruit,
And honey was so sweet.

When Harry came home, time stood still
As he paused upon the stair;
When Harry came, whippoorwill,
And all was sunshine and fair.
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