Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

The Present and Future Madame President

On a magnificent morning, in the fragrant month of July,
I was heading to a new job, amidst the golden butterflies.

For I had been hired by Nasa's, Langley Research Center,
To work on new projects, and to see what they might render.

I arrived there at 8am, and that was precisely on time,
Like the moon that often appears, when the evening is prime!

I reported to Mr. Johnson, who was brilliant and eccentric,
And we began our busy day, which oftentimes grew hectic.

My boss was working on, the very first time travel machine,
And I was to be his assistant-an inventor's wildest dream!

I had the grandest visions, of my name in florid history.
It could occur, if I were the one, to make the fun journey.

Sometimes we worked long hours, in creating this invention.
Which worked by displacing atoms, at speed of light within.

Soon our work was paying off, for its completion was so near,
As vivid butterflies find their nectar, when they persevere.

Like the success of gay colors, finding life in a garden,
Or lovely dusk dimming the light, begging no one's pardon!

One day Mr. Johnson left early, for he had an appointment;
And it was my job to finish, and lock things up before I went.

I had skipped my lunch break earlier, so I began to eat a pear,
While I went to admire the portal, to practically anywhere.

I took a big bite of pear, and the juices then flowed down,
It slipped free and hit the button, and then I left town!

When I became aware again, I was on a small, grassy hill;
And the fact that I was unharmed, gave me a relieved thrill.

But I was so amazed to see, strange vehicles cruising the air;
And the gay colored craft, seemed to be very at home there.

I yearned to see much more, so I excitedly began to run,
Then I saw the strange blooms, basking in the orange sun!

Their overpowering fragrance, followed me for some distance,
As if they knew the experience, would make such a difference.

Some of the trees were familiar, and many others were not,
As if a long time slowly changing, in the golden hotspot!

I saw ultra modern buildings, of glass and elegant design,
And vehicles on many levels, interrupted the sleek skyline.

No vehicles were at ground level, for cars seemed to be passe;
And the turquoise skies were now, the preferred expressway!

It seemed to be quite hopeless, that I could ever return home,
The time machine was on 'random,' and my locale was unknown.

At last I noticed a woman nearby, who was eyeing me curiously,
Asking if I needed help, and why I was dressed so strangely.

She spoke perfect English, but her speech seemed quite rapid;
And she invited me to walk with her, and so trustingly I did.

As we walked the modern paths, I told Saylia of my sad plight,
And of how I had the misfortune, to travel the eons in one night!

Like the blue light that travels, faster than speed of sound,
In a universe that's deeply mysterious, when no one is around!

Saylia believed my story, because of my odd dress and speech;
And she said she would help me, and modern ways she'd teach.

She then took me to her home, and gave me suitable clothing,
And they were so very beautiful, that upon air I was floating.

And when we ate our dinner, I was in a total state of bliss;
For never in my fondest dreams, had I imagined food like this!

In the following days and weeks, my friend taught me so much,
Such as world history and current events, and politics and such.

I learned to speak more rapidly, so as to be better understood,
And I learned I'd gone 10,000 years, and was shocked that I could.

The history lessons told me, time travel had been put on a shelf,
After the tragedy 10,000 years ago, which involved my very self!

I knew this discovery meant, I could never return to the past,
As a red bloom must fade away, when it thought summer could last!

I lived with Saylia for several years, and she taught me quite a lot,
And I had keen interest in politics, so I gave the presidency a shot.

My run for the high office, was based on a platform of change,
And I was an overnight sensation, which seemed just a bit strange.

When the public spoke of me, they said I had old fashioned charm;
And I won the election by a landslide, something of a phenomenon!

I made improvements everywhere, and I created forests and parks,
To add to the now waning ones, and got none but approving remarks.

For natural greens will always, be considered healthy and lovely,
And even more enchanting still, when constantly in birdsong melody!

Saylia is still my dearest friend, to whom I owe most everything,
As we owe coolest shadows of night, to the sun's feverish wandering.

After happily serving my second term, I could not serve anymore,
So I left office, the public's darling, with accomplishments galore.

And I guess I had to go forward in time, to achieve my biggest dream;
But I went down in history a second time, in the sun's golden gleam!
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