Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

The Night I Entered a Rainbow

In the dead of night, I finally fell asleep,
Looking back, I'm sure it was much too deep!
For a dream within a dream, opened my eyes,
To being inside a rainbow, of new sunny skies!

It was so vast, with no beginning and no end,
I gazed afar, but failed to see around the bend.
Infinite bands of colors, everywhere I turned,
Sparkling like myriad gems, as golden sun burned!

The clouds seemed solid, and I was able to walk,
Reminiscent of tales of Jack and his beanstalk!
I saw a woman sitting on a chair shaped cloud,
Enjoying the dazzling view, while singing aloud.

Instead of one color, her hair contained them all!
I supposed radiance, the color could be called.
With eyes like diamonds, she wore colorful dress,
She was the lovely, exotic Rainbow Queen, no less!

As I excitedly called to her, she looked my way,
But, black nights are so short, I couldn't stay!
I often recall the slumber that I'll never forget,
When colors were splattered on night's silhouette!
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