Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

The Fantastic Flemmings

As I look back upon a terrific, exciting, and storied career,
I revisit the trove of golden memories, which I hold so dear.

Although some were bad, they have been predominantly sweet;
But the most striking one, still makes my heart skip a beat!

I belong to a large family, of professional tightrope walkers;
And we had become world famous, as the fearless danger stalkers.

We had traveled all around the world, performing our many feats;
And everywhere we went, people cheered our name in the streets!

Tightrope walking was a thing, that came quite naturally to me;
And that's not so amazing, since I started training at age three.

It is a thing that I've always loved, and was also in my blood,
As springtime is in the very essence, of the fresh blooming bud!

My family and I were a fine team, and we worked well together,
So at ease on the tightrope, and ever relaxed under pressure.

Well known by our last name, Fantastic Flemmings we were called.
We performed in a million towns, as happily the days crawled.

Until that one fateful day, when everything drastically changed;
And my life and my family's lives, were very suddenly rearranged!

While celebrating our 20 years of performing, in a real big way,
We were walking a tightrope, over Niagara Falls one fine day.

We were relaxed and happy, and the air was so warm and clear,
And we were about to begin our act, amid the fans we held so dear!

I was far in the lead, then my brother stepped onto the rope;
And I'd gotten midway over the falls, when I was robbed of hope.

I'd thrown a quick wave to cheerful fans, while broadly smiling,
And the waiting opposite platform, was to me quite beguiling!

As southern skies beguile bluebirds, at gold summer's cessation,
And loath to see the song days end, pursue them to another nation.

Abruptly a cloud moved from the sun, and the glare hit my eyes,
And at that exact moment, a dive-bombing bird, took me by surprise!

Seriously thrown off balance, I went with the inevitable fall.
If I made but little turbulence, my family might survive it all.

I closed my eyes and held my nose, ducking and covering my head.
I luckily hit the water feet first, but other memories have fled.

But I recollect a long descent, after jetting somewhat downstream,
Then the vision of a mermaid, came to me as though from a dream!

Through some strange magic, I no longer needed to breathe the air;
And through telepathy I was able, of her thoughts to become aware.

"It seems that a grave misfortune, has befallen you, she said.
I am the Lady of Niagara. To these cascading falls, I am wed."

I realized I was able to respond, by using the power of my mind,
So we had a lengthy conversation, as I left the world behind.

The beautiful lady and I had soon, become just like old friends,
And spoke of her world of watery castles, and wonders without end!

She told me that she didn't remember, a time before Niagara Falls,
And from her underwater kingdom, she watches as the ages crawl.

I told Zezumia the long story, of my life in the airy world above,
Knowing that I soon had to get back, to the ones that I so loved.

Zezumia said she would help me in that, and taking my hand she led,
Like the moon takes the lead, when the evening sky has grown red!

Then my head suddenly broke the surface, and I breathed once again!
Zezumia was nowhere in sight, and I whispered a goodbye to my friend.

I knew she could still hear me, but meeting again could never be,
For we belonged to very different worlds, and she loved her privacy.

When I espied a boat swiftly approaching, I knew that I was saved,
And I had made an unforgettable friend, so my misfortune I forgave.

What really happened to me that day, I never revealed to one soul,
Everyone says I was only submerged, for a few moments on the whole.

I was the only one who happened to fall, as we were spaced far apart;
And I am very grateful for that, or tragedy would've played a part.

The bird that attacked me was caught on camera. It was a large crow.
It was probably nesting, and wished that the large crowds would go!

I received many outpourings and letters, from fans the world over;
And since that awful fall, my caring family and I have grown closer.

There were some nasty incidents, too. My brother was in a barroom brawl,
After an unlucky rowdy drunk, chanced to call Niagara, Flemming Falls!

But our fans are still supportive, for mistakes comprise life's fabric,
So to people the whole world over, we are still considered fantastic!

And the mysterious Lady of Niagara Falls, whom no other person ever knew,
I suspect saved my life on the day, that her vast aqua embrace I knew!
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