Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Summer Boy

When pink clouds float on lazy skies,
And through the nights flit fireflies,
When the days begin to shine,
There dwells a child walls won't confine.

I saw him peeking from behind a tree,
Yesterday, at just past three;
Sunny days be here awhile,
So I can see his radiant smile!

The spirit child darts here and there,
Huge dark eyes and curling hair.
Through the grassy hills he skips and sings,
From a gnarled old tree limb, he swings.

Down by the beach, you can see his footprint,
In evening sun's golden glint.
The trees seem to whisper his name,
As they dance in the sun's dying flame!

When shadows deepen and butterflies flit,
And the nights are clear and starlit-
When days go by, oh, so slow,
Summer boy plays as he did long, long ago.
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