Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Sugar Mansion

After picnicking in a pretty meadow, on a warm and sunny day,
I relaxed upon my soft blanket, and fell asleep where I lay.

When I awoke I took a walk, through the grass and flowers,
Lined on either charming side, by the emerald songbird bowers.

At the edge of the scenic meadow, something caught my eye,
And appeared to be a huge beehive, unaware of any passersby.

Suddenly I saw a trickle, of the tempting honey oozing down,
And again I had a luscious taste, of a flavor of much renown!

One taste is never enough, so I just had to reach for another,
But my knuckle was then stung, for greed had been my blunder.

Which hurt me so badly that, fat tears rolled from my eyes,
As an unexpected summer shower, often takes one by surprise.

The guilty bee then lingered, and flew away and came back,
As if it felt some remorse, for the painfulness of its attack.

All at once I felt very strange, a bit like a waning within,
And the bee also changed to human form-a lady lovely and thin!

There we stood two tiny women, and both capable of flight,
Then she came and hugged me, squeezing with all her might.

She said she was sorry she hurt me, and really meant no harm,
But whenever honey is in peril, they cannot ignore the alarm.

I was so deeply amazed, at the changes that were thus wrought,
That I was rendered speechless, and even robbed of my thought!

But I felt certain of one thing-that I had found a new friend;
And on the pathways of sunshine, one is always around the bend.

By now my pain had eased a lot, and I was in a much better mood,
So I eagerly said yes, when Bettina invited me in for food.

Thus we entered the glazed home, like two gay birds on the wing,
And flight was so exhilarating, I could hear my own heart sing!

Inside the house of wax was huge, and evocative of catacombs,
But to our appreciative views, it was just a huge honeycomb!

Bettina introduced me to the others, who'd taken on human form;
And we conversed at length, as if somehow this were the norm.

Later we had honey apple cake, and nuts with honey lemon tea,
And we all had a gay time, 'til the gold sun was like a berry!

All through the hot daytime, the babies there were sleeping,
And when they finally awoke, they immediately began weeping!

Like the puffy clouds that cry, when the radiant sun has gone,
For they often come lately, when he appears to have withdrawn.

Before my joyful visit ended, they insisted I meet the queen,
And so I curtsied lowly, to the most beautiful woman ever seen!

With extreme dignity and bearing, she regarded me with a smile,
And I grew very fond of her, after we had chatted for awhile.

When at last I left summer evening, was playing an evocative tune,
And I made my way back home, under a gloriously full June moon!

I had returned to my full size, and no longer was able to fly,
And adventures with turquoise sky, was a memory of a day gone by.

Still making my way home, I passed a starlit glimmering brook,
Where the summer shadows oft grew long, as I read a riveting book.

I will never forget that afternoon, in the house of golden glaze,
For its joyfulness and magic, will absolutely color all my days!

Once will have to be enough, for the charm was not ever repeated.
I'm just so glad Bettina decided, to share with me a nature secret.

And of all the exotic mysteries, that I might ever chance to see,
None could ever slightly compare, to her royal highness, Queen Bee!
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