Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Someday Will Never Be the Same

Some days never seem to change.
Someday always was the same.
Our yesterdays will never rearrange.
Was today's spark tomorrow's flame?

Someday blue skies were bluer.
Any day the sun would never shine.
One day true hearts are truer-
Soon peace and love combine.

Yesterday bombs will cease to fall-
Tuesdays in the park were golden!
And blooms will forever enthrall,
For tomorrow, yesterdays are olden.

Sometime I was never lost;
Anytime the world is in His hands.
In the beginning, there won't be holocaust.
Someday I obeyed His commands.

Someday we'll learn to talk,
Anytime we were never too old.
Once we'll walk a straighter walk,
Into fields of marigold.
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